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Photo a Day : February 2 : Pattern


My Pattern photo is of the new Pyjama shorts I made. The back story?  Well these shorts were a skirt. A skirt that has hung in my wardrobe for exactly 10 years. I know this because I bought this skirt specifically to take on my around the world trip in 2003. I loved the print on this skirt, unfortunately I never much liked the style of the skirt. The style did nothing for me and it was always on of those pieces that you put on in the hope of it looking amazing but end up going out wearing something else. So it hung there … for 10 years!

As some of my Instagram followers already know I have vowed in 2013 to not buy any new clothes … gasp! I know right what am I thinking? Well for those who know me personally they can testify that my wardrobe hoarding is abominable. I also need to save some money this year as I hope to go to South America. So alas here we are. I am also a sewer with enough fabric to sew a quilt the size of Africa and so I decided if I can’t sew it I can’t have it! Anyway back to the skirt …

The Skirt. The pattern.  So like I said I have always loved the print on this skirt. On a major wardrobe purge last week I decided it was time for this one to go, I never wore it, and frankly never will. But that print! I just couldn’t let it go! This skirt was pin-tucked the entire way around the top, so I painstakingly undid all the pin-tucks, the side seams and the hem and ended up with about 1.2 metres of fabric. I am also in desperate need of some new pyjama shorts so I decided that this heavenly soft cotton voile would do just the trick. Ta-Da these little beauties  were born! I am now completely in love with these pj shorts and posed the question on Instagram … to cute for pyjamas? NEVER. I love cute pj’s and these make me smile when I go to bed. Totally worth the work and now I get to continue to enjoy this pretty boho print.