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Photo a Day : February 9 : Guilty Pleasure



My Guilty Pleasure for Saturday was coffee and cake with my lovely Aunty and my dear mum. A rare event for me on a Saturday morning and even rarer for me to order cake! But this was Dutch Gin Citrus slice … how could I resist.

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Lazy Saturday Nights

Last Saturday evening I headed down to the Woodmans Point jetty for a lazy fishing and crabbing session with a couple of my besties. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere electric. I could not believe the amount of people that were there! The photos don’t do justice to the crowd because it doubled after nightfall.  Despite living in Perth my whole life I seem to continually discover these pockets of activity that have been there forever but are completely new to me. I think I have found a new favourite summer evening activity.

Oh and the crabbing was successful but unfortunately I forgot to photograph the catch.

Woodmans Point Jetty photo[9] photo[7]