Vintage Green

I naughtily bought this cute vintage green typewriter today and it made me realise how much I love this colour! Sure there are hundreds of shades and hues but there is something so delicious looking about this drowsy shade that I just love!








My Typewriter – Sperry Remington 100

Vintage Green Radio

Vintage Brush Set

Vintage Green Toilet

Vintage Green Telephone 

Vintage Green bike

Vintage Green Buttons

3 thoughts on “Vintage Green

    1. machineandadream Post author

      Thanks @reretro! it’s only naughty because I am trying really hard to save money and de-clutter my life in 2013! Have accumulated to much ‘stuff’ and spent too much money lately and the fun needs to end or at least be a little restrained. I deliberated and can you believe I nearly walked away from this today! what was I thinking … at the moment I do not regret this purchase at all! I love it.

  1. Donn

    I have the exact same typewriter, it used to belong to my father. If only I knew where to purchase ribbon for it I would be in heaven. Love it to death.


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