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5 months overdue but I made it …

… and I’m not talking about a baby either!

Well it has certainly been a while since my last post but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Ok well admittedly the months of February and March are nothing to write home about but I don’t think I did too badly for December, January and maybe even a little of April. But first let’s go back to December …

So My goal for 2011 was to try and MAKE all my gifts that year … for the most part I think I did pretty well, no doubt there were a few that slipped through when I was short on time but overall I tried my best.

So with Christmas fast approaching, 5 nieces and 5 nephews to organise gifts for, a tight budget and an even tighter schedule I had to come up with an idea for ‘bulk’ gifting. Racking my brain for something that I could make that was the same but different for ALL the kids ranging in age from 0-12yrs I then thought hmm why don’t I get them to make their own gift this year!  Without further ado I got to work on creating a gift card that entitled each of them to a day of screen printing at aunty Pip’s place. I trawled stores trying to find blank t-shits in the correct sizes, and attempted to do the ‘right thing’ by purchasing different colours for each. Well the resulting gifts looked like this …

Yep it’s true … I think most of the time I enjoy wrapping the gifts more than the gifts themselves 🙂 I always told my mum when I was little that I wanted to be one of those people who wraps all the christmas presents for people in the shopping malls. I find it oddly therapeutic.  So anyway onto the Screen printing, the kids came around one sunny Saturday morning and we got right to it. They had their pictures all picked out and we had a fun albeit hectic morning of tracing, cutting and printing their t-shirts and bags. Unfortunately I was so busy helping that I didn’t even get a chance to take photos of them hard at work or of their beautiful creations! Bad blogger! My dear mum and my housemate helped out on the day, which was greatly appreciated and I think my mum took a few happy snaps so I will get hold of a few and post them when I can.

Meanwhile further on the screen printing front, I have 3 nephews in Sydney and a wee baby niece so the ‘make your own present’ idea wasn’t really going to cut it for them. Keeping with the theme I whipped up some creations especially for them …. I remembered to take pictures of these ones 🙂

 Space invader T-shirts for the twins ….

Double trouble in their t-shirts!

A J for James …

… and a flower onsie for the lovely Laila!

I always find screen printing such a satisfying feeling and the results are generally better then I expect, definitely something I need to spend more time on.

So that was December …. Now on to the New year!

Amongst other things I spent the most wonderful NYE at home with a bunch of close friends for a delightful degustation dinner!  Each couple and/or single was in charge of one course for the night and the drink to match. So 9 courses and 7 hours later … yes that is 7 hours of eating we rang in the new year, well actually I think 12pm was at around the 7th course and 5.5 hour mark. Everyone agreed it was possibly one of the best meals and New Years Eve’s any of us had experienced. It is certainly going to be hard to top that this year, but I am thinking maybe it needs to be a new tradition. Well I just wanted to share a quick pic of the set up on the night ….

…. Now on to January ….

So with renewed energy for the new year ahead, I got straight into my first sewing projects for the year. My Lovely Niece Sadie has her birthday in January, so just after I have thought of a Christmas present I need to think of one for her birthday. After some google searching and blog hopping I decided I would make her her very own little picnic/play blanket. Sadie and her siblings spend everyday over summer in and around their pool, so I thought this could be a great alternative to the humble towel. Once the idea popped into my head I remembered that her little sister Adele’s birthday was last November, she was one of the ‘slipped through the cracks’ birthdays that I never had time to make anything for. So it was decided, I would make 2 pretty picnic blankets for 2 gorgeous little ladies.

I just used a basic 12 square block of bright colours. There was no lining or batting added to these to keep them light weight and useable for the little girls. I used some coloured denim for backing – these pieces of denim have been hanging around mine and my mum’s fabric cupboards for about 10 years now so we were both glad to see them finally put to use.  This was also a great use of the fabric stash, some of these favourites, vintage and new have been lurking around for years and it was fun to mix and match them. I was absolutely thrilled with the results and secretly wished I could have kept them all for myself.

Then there was Laila … As I mentioned a little earlier there was a new addition to the family late last year. My ultra edible little niece named Laila!  Laila made her entrance into the world during that busy time last year when I had a small lapse in my ‘Make all my gifts this year’ mantra. So it was time to play catch up. Feeling all inspired by the picnic blankets I decided to make a play mat for Laila. After some more googling and blog hopping I discovered this adorable pattern for a Baby Bunting Play Mat by Sarah Fielke. Admittedly I didn’t buy the pattern as I wanted to make the blanket that same day, so I recreated it myself. With a bit of measuring and planning I managed to get the rough design sorted and got on with the job.

I used pre-bought bias binding for the ‘string’ of the bunting – not only did this add a nice touch but it was one less thing to cut out. The little bunting flags are attached at the top and then hang loose, something for Laila to grab and hold and play with. I used a neutral background print to compliment the bright array of vintage and new fabrics that make up the flags. Again I was thrilled with the results of this play mat …  cute enough to hang on the wall 🙂

Till next post … Enjoy! (April Post to follow)