Made for Mia

I wanted to share my latest project with you … This is a little jacket that I adapted from a quite frankly ugly looking pattern into what I think is an absolutely gorgeous wrap style version.

I was pretty chuffed with my choice of fabrics and overall super happy with the results. A cute jacket for an even cuter little girl … Hope you enjoy it Mia x

Some Photos of the super cute Mia wearing her jacket! I must say I was extremely pleased to see her wearing it on the couple of times I ‘hung out’ with her on the weekend 🙂 Another bonus is that Mia’s ever so clever mum realised the jacket could be worn reversible … another button added to the inside & hey presto now she has 2 new jackets!

For those of you who are interested the pattern was loosely based on the two below. I added lining to mine, removed the zip and extended the fronts to give it the cross over effect. I also removed the elastic from the cuffs and just tapered the arms so it sis like a traditional sleeve.  You could use any basic hooded, raglan sleeve pattern as your base.

5 thoughts on “Made for Mia

  1. inti

    love it! im thinking of making oj one – ive knitted one and one on the way, but at the rate she grows it would be quicker to sew one i think!!

  2. machineandadream Post author

    Yea this only took me one night and considering I sort of made bits of it up as I went it certainly will be super quick the next time. The original pattern didn’t have lining or anything but it seemed a shame not to line it. The time it took me to make you could make OJ a new one each week! Happy sewing Inti!

  3. Casey

    Hey Pip, Just found your blog – what pattern was this based off? I have some lovely warm cashmere-wool fabric that I want to turn into a coat for Miss M – but am struggling to find effective simple patterns.

    1. machineandadream Post author

      Hey Casey, I based the pattern on vintage STYLE pattern 2476 and KWIK SEW pattern 2707 (will post images in blog post). I basically just used these as the template for the raglan sleeves and the sizing. Both of these patterns are unlined so I just cut 2 of everything – one in contrast, to line the entire jacket. Then instead of the zip I just extended the fronts of both sides to give it that ‘wrap over’ effect. I hope this helps as I just sort of did it on the fly 🙂 MakeitPerfect have this cute little one available called UPTOWN GIRL.


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