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Same But Different

Since my jacket for Mia turned out so well I decided to try my hand at a version for my gorgeous twin nephews Austin & Lewis who turn one next week. Using the same modified pattern from last time I widened and lengthened the sleeves on this version so they could be cuffed up to show the contrast lining. I also added toggle buttons for a bit more ‘masculine’ look.

Made for Mia

I wanted to share my latest project with you … This is a little jacket that I adapted from a quite frankly ugly looking pattern into what I think is an absolutely gorgeous wrap style version.

I was pretty chuffed with my choice of fabrics and overall super happy with the results. A cute jacket for an even cuter little girl … Hope you enjoy it Mia x

Some Photos of the super cute Mia wearing her jacket! I must say I was extremely pleased to see her wearing it on the couple of times I ‘hung out’ with her on the weekend 🙂 Another bonus is that Mia’s ever so clever mum realised the jacket could be worn reversible … another button added to the inside & hey presto now she has 2 new jackets!

For those of you who are interested the pattern was loosely based on the two below. I added lining to mine, removed the zip and extended the fronts to give it the cross over effect. I also removed the elastic from the cuffs and just tapered the arms so it sis like a traditional sleeve.  You could use any basic hooded, raglan sleeve pattern as your base.

Printed presents …

So lacking a whole lot of inspiration the other day for my niece’s birthday present I spent 3 hours on the lounge room floor sifting though patterns and books and magazines hoping for something to jump out and hit me … it didn’t. And lets be clear I definitely don’t blame the books, and patterns and magazines for that, it may however had something to do with the night before … if you know what I mean.
Anyway as the hours crept on and my window of creativity was slowly closing I stumbled across ‘Printing By Hand’ in my bookshelf. This gorgeous book by Lena Corwin was given to me by my sister in law last year, and although I fell in love at first sight I hadn’t got around to actually doing any of the projects in it yet. Surprise surprise!

So this was it, my challenge was set … was it possible to go out to the store on a Saturday afternoon, buy some blank shirts, cut out stencils and screen print my dear niece a birthday present in 3 hours? Turns out yes it was!

As well as providing you with all the tips, tricks and hints on creating beautiful printed items at home with minimal fuss, this book also provides you with a whole bunch of really cute designs to use yourself. Since this day was a bit of an inspirational black hole for me I opted to use some of Lena’s designs, when normally I would be inclined to create my own.

I was really pleased with the results. Although perhaps a little more rushed than I would have liked I realised great things are achievable in short spaces of time … even screen printing.

Think this has inspired me for a whole other bunch of projects to add to my never ending ‘To Do’ list.

Top and Bottom Left: Transferring and cutting my stencils out of contact paper to apply to my screen. Top right: The blank t-shirts before printing. Bottom right: Lena Corwin’s gorgeous book ‘Printing By Hand’.

The finished designs! And I even managed to make a little bag to wrap them all in out of my test print 🙂 My favourite is definitely the pink bunnies on the army green shirt.  Hope you enjoy them Paige!