Drape Drape 2: No.2 1 Pattern drape top

Finally here is the result of my first Drape Drape 2 project. I actually finished the dress/top about 2 weeks ago but just haven’t had a chance to edit the photos and post the update.

Absolutely love this lycra knit, it has been sitting in my stash for well over a year … maybe two, just waiting for the right project. Totally happy with the result even though the shiny texture did make it a little slippery and difficult to handle, and there was a wee bit of unpicking and re-sewing around the armholes. Worth the extra effort in the end!

I might experiment next time with a slightly longer version and may even add some more draping if the fabric is soft enough.  At the suggested length this is a great versatile pattern that can be worn as a dress or pulled up as a top over jeans.

The Japanese instructions were pretty easy to follow with a little help from google translate and a couple of other helpful bloggers. If you are looking for some translated Japanese sewing terms HERE are a few of the basic ones to help you out.

3 thoughts on “Drape Drape 2: No.2 1 Pattern drape top

  1. v. chiang

    You did an amazing job! I have Drape Drape (book 1). How did you use Google Translate? DId you scan the pages as a PDF or something? I am eager to get started with these patterns! Your help is appreciated!


    1. machineandadream Post author

      Hi Vicky, thanks for your comments. Yes I scanned in some of the pages and copied and pasted the text into google translate. Actually using the glossary of terms I have linked on my post covered most things but there were just a couple I was unsure of.
      If you are unsure just start with one of the simple patterns and work your way up. Good luck and I am sure once you get started you will find it is relatively easy to interpret.


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