Sewing Dump : 1

Bad name I know!  So despite my lack of blogging action over the last 6 months or so I actually had quite a productive second half of 2012 in sewing terms.  I have just been too lazy/busy to write about it.  Over the next little while I hope to catch up and get back into the habit of blogging when things are fresh!  So to start me off I am going to do this ‘Sewing Dump’ a dump of images with brief descriptions of what I have been up to.  A couple of these projects I hope to re-blog in more detail later.  For now enjoy this dump!

{ and I apologise some of the photos are very average and taken in a hurry }


Screen printed Ipad Cover/Clutch.  This one was made for my dear friend Bex however I have since gone on to make numerous more.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I will have some more available on my ETSY store. I was so happy with this project especially since this was my first one and there were no stuff ups – YAY!


Duffle style backpacks made for my twin nephews. These were so easy to make and turned out so cute!


Wiksten Tank Plus Sleeves – I added cap sleeves to the Original Wiksten Tank pattern – sans pocket.  I was pretty happy with the result.  See my other Wiksten tanks here

 { Japanese cotton }

2013-01-08 00.47.55

New Cushions – it was time for an update! The adorable bunny at the front is from Karen Walkers new home wares collection available exclusively at Myer. The front right and far left are Ikea fabrics and the mottled grey in the middle is made out of a recycled drop sheet. My lovely sister-in-law who claims to be very uncreative saw this crazy drop sheet made from all sorts of recycled goodies and thought I might have some inspiration to make it into something fab.  Well she was right, I love it – this is probably just one of many creations I will be making from the drop sheet .  Uncreative … Pfft anyone who sees a mundane object like this and envisions a crafting opportunity must have some creativity!  { sorry for the grainy photo – iPhone at night }

2013-01-04 09.35.38

A Plethora of itsy bitys bags to place my Machine and a Dream products in. If you purchase something from my ETSY store you will be sure to have your item arrive in one of these!  Really this was just an excuse to use up all those bits of scrap fabric that are too small to be useful but too cute to throw out … turns out they are useful after all!

And so ends Sewing Dump : 1 – There will be more!

Photo a Day : February 9 : Guilty Pleasure



My Guilty Pleasure for Saturday was coffee and cake with my lovely Aunty and my dear mum. A rare event for me on a Saturday morning and even rarer for me to order cake! But this was Dutch Gin Citrus slice … how could I resist.

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Photo a Day : February 7 : My Name

NameMy Name: The name I was given at birth ( and the name I am most often called )

When I was a kid I never liked my name much. I didn’t like that it was unusual and I always wanted something more ‘common’ like Samantha or Jessica ( no offence to any Samantha or Jessica’s reading this ). But as I got older I learnt to like it and now as an adult I love it and wouldn’t wish to be called anything else.

Lazy Saturday Nights

Last Saturday evening I headed down to the Woodmans Point jetty for a lazy fishing and crabbing session with a couple of my besties. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere electric. I could not believe the amount of people that were there! The photos don’t do justice to the crowd because it doubled after nightfall.  Despite living in Perth my whole life I seem to continually discover these pockets of activity that have been there forever but are completely new to me. I think I have found a new favourite summer evening activity.

Oh and the crabbing was successful but unfortunately I forgot to photograph the catch.

Woodmans Point Jetty photo[9] photo[7]